Main Points from our meeting

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Main Points from our meeting

Post by Paul Godby on Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:44 pm

Here are the main points that came from our meeting last night which was attended by James/Sam/Issy and Daisy who is interested to get involved.

I've posted separate notices on the forum for the Roll of Honour and the Presentation day so make sure you go in to these to add some comments/thoughts.

Presentation Day-
Kristian has offered the youth members to present a slide on the day to explain what you are trying to do and to recruit some more volunteers. Owen will lead this and Sam has also expressed an interest.

Roll of Honour -
Issy would like to investigate adding a roll of honour to the WVFC website. This would include all the runners up and winners of league/cup competitions each season as well as the special awards given on presentation day.

Youth Members Clothing -
It was agreed that you would all like to have a hoodie which would be named to show you were a member of the youth team.

Your name -
We gave you the title of youth forum but you can have a different name if you would like. Any suggestions welcome.

Photos on Fun Day -
Issy will speak to Stuart Thatcher to see if he would be interested in taking pictures at the fun day. Next year there was a great suggestion that the club could have pictures taken at the presentation day and fun day and sell them to raise money for the club.

Let me know if I forgot anything.

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